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FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

How can we booked/held and secure our wedding , engagement or Day after/trash the dress session day with you?
It is important to pay a retainer and agree the event agreement, please do not expect in any way to hold your day without the Retainer and agreement.

Where is your Videography/ Cinematography studio or you located?
We are based on Villahermosa, Monterrey and Playa del Carmen, in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

Do you accept destination weddings?
Yes, we are crazy about destination wedding and traveling, we accept destinations weddings worldwide, emails us for more details you will be amazed by our deals!

For how long before our wedding-engagement-trash the dress do we have to select you as or Videographer/Cinematographer?
As we book up fast and have limited availability, specialy in busy season, ?we strongly suggest you to select your Videographer as soon as possible, we have limited events per year and we start accepting weddings 12 months in advance.

I have a small wedding, what is your minimum time requirement?
To cover our costs, we can only accept 5 hours of wedding coverage, we really wish we could not charge as we love Videography/Cinematography, but it is impossible as we have to run this business, we understand some wedding are over a budget and limited but unfortunate We cannot go down, the price is really inexpensive, accurate calculated and due to the high cost of the equipment and the quality We offer it is impossible to go down in price and keep the quality for all you. For TTD we risk our equipment exposing them to the salt water and sand, in this environment equipment last less than usual.

We have stand by or free time during our wedding stages, can you work on something out?
Our packages are made to fit most of the weddings Videography/Cinematography, when we attend a wedding we are supposed to be working consecutive hours and then we get back to work on backstage work, we get back to our day to day administrative and editing activities, this time is more expensive than the event day itself.

How can we booked and secure our wedding, engagement or trash the dress session day?
To book your day you must agree a contract, pay a 50% retainer and must wait for a Gallardo y Alamán email confirmation to make sure there is no other commitment for the same day, this is a really uncommon situation but this is due that in the area the monthly workload is unstable specially for busy season and we can not follow every inqueries due to the high demand for these busy months. this situation may be improved by hiring specific people for the task but this will increase the cost significantly.

How do you break down the payments?
We ask for a 50% deposit and the balance before the main event.

What payment do you accept?
Cash, deposit and Major Credit Cards via PayPal only

Do you charge travel fees?
No within the Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Tulum, Akumal, Puerto Aventuras,Cozumel), for other places or detonations we have an “All Inclusive Package” or “worry-free”

Are there any hidden costs?
No, but just make sure to check hotel policies for outside vendors, you will have to pay for that, some resorts/hotels may charge additional fees such as Day Passes, outside vendor fees, or also some night stays to allow us to access to their property. Additionally we will need a meal and hydration for Videographer/Cinematographer and assistant.

If we select any of your packages and need you for more hours, can we hire per hour? What would the hourly rate be?
Yes , payment must be at the moment of this request.

If we want an extra hour of coverage, does it include additional footage, are they edited?
Yes. Our target is to always deliver the most complete story so additional time means more quality movement image.

How many Videographers/Cinematographers will be at my weddings?
1,2, 3 Videographers, it depends of the package you pick. We go with a Videographer/assistant that do specific tasks to complete the job, as you are paying Alex Gallardo Videographer, I am the main videographer, and I am intended to take all the event, all the story in my website/blog were taken by me unless specified in time.

Do we need to provide meal to you and your assistant?
As we are for a long time and between our regular hour for meals, a full meal is required. If no meal is provided, we will need to leave the event to purchase a meal in the closest place or will take 1.5 hours for meal, however no videographer and assistant will be taken videography during meal time if we go far from the wedding place, we strongly suggest to setup a table or place close to the wedding area so we can be aware and ready for capture any required moment, we do not need to be sited with your guests but we are more than honored if you invite us, we do require that videographer and assistant are added as a guest so there is no confusion for the meal service and we are served too, it ensures the wedding coordination team to have all ready for us.

Do you do Photography??
we work with some pretty awesome wedding photographers, you can add the option at the moment of select your wedding videography coverage or Day After/Trash The Dress.

Do you know and recommend cool vendors like Resort, Wedding coordinator, Makeup Artist, DJ-lighting?
Yes we can help you making your day special, we have worked with awesome vendors that may be the right one for you and also we can work and coordinate smoothness so we can all make your day unforgettable.

Do you rec formals?
Yes, unless we are told otherwise in written. Typically, we spend no more than 20 minutes just after the ceremony and photograph immediate families on both groom and bride sides and wedding party formals, we are storytellers based on doing a videojournalism style mixing with creative portraiture and storytelling, so we Focus on capturing real moments, so formals are simple and quick but not less important.

Do you watermark the high resolution digital files you provide in the DVD/Blue Ray?
No, There is no branding or marking on the High Resolution files, just in the highlight that are mainly to share over the internet.

What equipment do I use?
?The cameras I work with are Canon Brand, 2 bodies 5D Mark II. Lenses, I have some but my favorites are 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 24mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4, and more gadgets and equipment that we have for special situations, all from Canon and some continuous video lighting.

How do you light your video??
Although we look for capture the ambient light, we use available light whenever possible, off-camera light fired, or both depending on what we want to create.

Do you edit the video??
We postproduce the video pretending how the human eye will see, and we attemp to do a dream, very oniric stuff, so we enhance all the already quality selected movement images and try to match as in the real world, basically is color correction, contrast, sharpness, tonality, white balance, change to old B&W.

How do we see our Wedding Indie Cinematography?
We will provide an online for 60 days, it can be shared.

What is your work delivery timeframe?
As every wedding is a different story with different challenge, We always target for the best scenario, but our standard turn around times vary depending on the season. Gallardo y Alamán works in an area where we have a short busy season (3 months only) , so we have to get as much as we can to survive the low season, in low season if we are lucky we gets one wedding per month, so we need to guarantee the quality and permanency of Gallardo y Alamán without affecting anyone, so it may take us 40-120 working days (regularly we deliver in 2 months) and it is subject to change without notice, deliveries are not included within the time frames shown here, during some holidays, delivery may be slightly delay or due to custom check.

Do we get a chance to meet with our videographer before the wedding?
If we are available Yes but due to the high amount of events we may not be able to meet you prior to the weddings. Anyway more than 90% of our clients have booked us through email without meeting us prior to their wedding day but we can arrange a conference call to talked about how we can help on your event day, it is important that you provide the wedding itinerary and a list of things you would not like us to do at least a week before the event day. ?Reviews, testimonials and raves links can be provide upon request.

Is there a problem on using hotel photographer and videographer??
Most of the videographers, photographers are not a problem, just need team work to perform each other our jobs, however another photographers and some videographers are certainly a problem, so I would prefer not to shoot your wedding, for me the flash and the obstructive way when they want to get a shoot is the reason I cannot work with another photographer, videographers who understand how to be as unobtrusive as possible and work with the videography/photography crew like a TEAM on a same mission, it is what the videographer/photographer need to understand so we can all get an outstanding job. If the photographer isnÂÂÂÂÂÂ’t our recommended or well-known vendor, this is difficult in most situations the videographers and photographers does not let us work freely. We have had experiences with some photographers that were anti productive on wedding day. Please let us know who your photographer is or if you would like a reference.

How long does a TTD session in the beach and in a Cenote last?
Each one takes 2 hours, so it means if you select a TTD session in the beach and in a Cenote it will be 4 hours plus traveling to the Cenote. You will be responsible for transportation to Playa del Carmen unless other arrangements are made in the agreement.

How do we get to TTD sessions in a Cenote, beach or both?
We will select a meeting point in Playa del Carmen, after this, we are responsible to pick you up and take you to the TTD location.

Do you do underwater videography in a Cenote Trash The Dress?
Yes but this just depends on weather or not the client feels confortable to get underwater, it is important and it is your responsability if you want underwater pictures to be sure you can swim and dive very well .

What time do you recommend to start and engagement or Trash the Dress Session?
We recommend very early in the morning or some hours before sunset, so we will arrange the starting time some days before the event.

Do we have to use our original wedding dress for the Trash the dress?
We strongly suggest you to wear your original wedding dress, it usually get washed in the clear and fresh Cenote waters.

What could the groom wear for the Trash the dress?
Linen, Khaki, or Cotton pants with a cotton shirt.

Should I bring my veil for the water?
Sure!!!!! Please do not forget it!

Lighting during the wedding day?
It is important to know that having a reception and not having lighting will affect the final pictures, we have light and we use it as auxiliary lighting, but we can not light the whole place, so please think about it and hire a good DJ with good lighting you will not regret! as a journalists or documentary wedding videographers our mail goal is to show the day as it was and will do the best to get it as beautiful as possible!