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What kind of gear is needed for wedding Videography?

Bride Groom YOUR LOVE! Me And attitude!!! Yeahh!

Just the perfect ingredients for the best shoots, and yes we are 2 photographers with different perspectives, vision, feeling, eye, creativity that complements what you have seen in out vision and work! As this is our dream we can ensure we are doing out best all the time!

Of course that we relay on the best gear available for the best result in out wedding events, for an impressive quality in any light situation we use Canon camera bodies 5D mark II, we love the huge megapixels and amazing movement images.

For the best sharp, contrast and colors we only use the best of Canon Lenses, a bunch of primes lenses Pro series L, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm for a crisp,razor sharp, pictures! I love to carry all them and use all them in my weddings, this way we can get more different perspectives of the same place and the same happy wedding guests.

We love!!! To play around with natural light, artificial light and any other beautiful light, for this we use the sun, the clouds, some cool buildings and sure we need some leds lightning , we use them in the day too!

For our day to day administrative and editing work we only use Mac, we love Apple! Huge screens to work your movie in every detail and lighting fast! (well we wish perfectionism was not involved in this point)

We keep your wedding footage saved! It is so serious that we have bought 3 back up systems, 2 of them back up the information 3 times for a total of 7 times, the last one is keep offsite just in case a tsunami, earthquake, volcano eruption, the earth comes to its own end happens! oh I forgot to say that I copy the final product in Blue Ray Discs, this is awesome how many information I am the main security responsible, I do not want to mention the UPS system so the electricity and its surge problems (and other stuff) will never be in our way.

For underwater, oh yes! We have underwater housing for our 5D Mark II, we bought it thinking on diving and shoot the gorgeous environment we have out there, as we live in Playa del Carmen, one of the ocean best places to live, sadly some brides have asked me to help them Trashing the grown dress, at the end we do no trash it, we use nature to wash the dress.

Reflectors and a bunch of stuff that I am sure I am missing will post later and of course we will keep buying the best to keep ourselves in the adventure of the wedding unknown.